Multilayer Pipes Installation


In the EASY•GAS and EASY•WATER System jointing is obtained by axially polling the steel fastening bushing on the multilayer pipe. Before pulling the bushing, the pipe is cold-expanded by means of a special tool. After the coupling is positioned, the pipe will return to its original shape thanks to the “memory” effect. Advantages of this system are multiple because the memory effect of the PEX-C inner layer makes it possible to take advantage of its characteristics in a remarkable way and ensure an hydraulic seal (in addition to the mechanical seal) only via the pipe (without the o-ring) with a minimum reduction of its passageway section. Load losses, localized within couplings because of their shrinkage are therefore much more, limited.

The Installation in 5 Steps

Below is a description of the system installation in five simple basic steps. These directions must be strictly observed to ensure a perfect installation.

flexible hose installation 
Use the specific circular pipe cutter to precisely cut the EASY•GAS and EASY•WATER pipe, to avoid that jointing is only partial, the cut is to be as perpendicular to the pipe axis as possible.
flexible hose installation 1 
Insert the steel fastening bushing onto the pipe, maintaining the marking towards the outside of the coupling.
flexible hose installation 2 
Expand the pipe end using the expander provided with the supplì, where the corresponding head has been preinstalled. Extract the bushing previously inserted from the working area, and tighten the two handles inwards. Rotate the expander with a qarter turn, then repeat the operation.
flexible hose installation 4 
Insert the coupling into the pipe
flexible hose installation 4
Use the presser jaws to move the fastening bushing towards the coupling body. The jaws should be positioned on the one side of the joint’s coupling area and on the other side, on the backside of the bushing.


flexible hose installation 5

 Application Type

Typical Application A

flexible hose installation 6


Typical Application B

flexible hose installation 7